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its really easy to create sales & business training content for your team

Creating Sales Training Content Used To Be Hard Now It's Easy

It’s tough when you have to create training content from scratch. You may have even discovered its not quite as easy as you thought! We have been there and have everything you need As ex Sales Directors, VP’s and CEO’s we know how you feel!


At Sales Training Material we'll do the tedious and make you look great and save you time!

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Some Challenges When Creating Compelling Sales Training Content

Creating successful sales training material can be a daunting challenge while managing a full-time job and delivering the numbers. Securing adequate time to dedicate to the task is not always easy, and maintaining creativity alongside drained resources can be a struggle and for some it just isn’t a task that can be easily undertaken.

What's more, if you don't come from an experienced background in creating sales training materials, it can be tricky to get up to speed even assuming that you have the required skills for creating professional and appropriate sales training material that make you look good. One further consideration is creating the slides that need to be delivered. Clearly, you will want to create outstanding looking slides, but this takes time and expertise developed over several years, which is often not the core strength of senior Sales ManagementorExecutiveManagement. Having run a successful sales training company for many years it was always a struggle to create content that was professional, and focussed, and it always took more time than anyone would have thought it would. Even today when asked to create sales training content there would be a minimum charge of onedays consultancy to create content because it’s hard , and, as mentioned it always takes longer than anticipated.

Luckily for you, we're here to help! With Sales Training Material because all of the “heavy lifting” has been done. Once you have decided to purchase some Sales Training Material form us all you will need to do is to pop your logo into the PowerPoint or similar slide master and get your team together then deliver the content. The enclosed trainers notes will also provide significant guidance of what areas need to be covered along with ideas of what to say!

All of the Sales Training Material deliverables cover a wide area of sales, marketing and management expertise and can be further adjusted to ensure you get a great fit for your products and services which gives you further choices.

You can either deliver the professional content out of the box or you could further customise using keywords and examples to be sure that the bespoke content will do it’s job and reflect exactly who you are.

Sales Training is an essential tool to be used for all sales management to ensure that your salespeople do more, do it better and smash sales targets. Helping them is helping you as all of you win and today with Sales Training Material it just got a little bit easier for everyone.

Benefits of Using Professional Sales Training Content

It is not uncommon to find organizations that feel they can create their own sales training content rather than buy it from a third party. However, there are many advantages to be gained by utilizing a company that specializes in creating custom-made sales training content. Not only will you save time and money, but you will also receive beneficial insights and top-of-the-line software that exceeds industry standards. Here is why investing in an experienced content creator who specializes in developing sales applications is more effective than taking on this task yourself.

Expertise - for approaching 20 years we have created sales training content for many different companies. Also much has changed over the eyras and now you can benefit form professional content which can be delivered immediately.

Save Time – Using third party materials can save huge time often several days and even if the content is produced internally it takes time – lots of time. Wirth Sales Tra8ining material your content is with you within 24 hours and you can start delivering it immediately

Save Money – typically on a per hour basis the content can be bought remarkably inexpensively . Quality content at an affordable price. It take many hours sometimes days to create and develop content. All of this expertise saves significant time and when converted into money is a classic great opportunity Instant Access – Most people buy content as they want to use it now or in the very near future. Knowing that the content is already created all that has to happen is for a date to be set and invite to the Team to attend.

Professional Look and Feel – the design adopted is unique (no templates that have been used over and over again) packed full of relevant content which will be valuable to the audience. It is of high quality that is also visually appealing . T8is will also provide credibility to whoever delivers the content to those that require training.

Specialist vs Generalist - Having worked in so many different verticals and companies plus specialising in delivering sales training and content we have a deep understanding combined with an extensive sales and management skill level. Whilst the expertise is broad it’s well rounded and has been developed in conjunction with other leaders who have all worked as Sales Directors/CEO’s and MD’s. This means that you get the very best content form the very best people ant the very best price. It’s the best opportune o showcase a win/win result for everyone.

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